Charitable Associations

So many members of our community have a desire to ‘give-back’ and share their passion for helping our society but the world of not-for-profits can be a very daunting and confusing one, often preventing these great causes from seeing the light of day.

Here at Pascoe Partners Accountants we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to help our clients navigate through the legislation and red-tape to create a successful and sustainable organisation.

Before we look at the type of structure that may best suit the needs of the client, we are able to present and explain the options available, tailored to the ultimate goals and dreams of those involved, whether it be:

  • A Social Enterprise – A business that commits to contributing more than 50% of its profits to tackle social problems, improve communities or help the environment etc.
  • A Not-for-Profit – An organisation whose prime purpose is not for financial gain but to support their communities in the areas of sport, recreation, community service, culture and social societies and even professional and business associations etc.
  • A Charity – A not-for-profit organization registered with the Australian Charites and Not-For-Profits Commission (ACNC) that is established and operated for altruistic purposes that the law regards as charitable such as promoting or protecting human rights, preventing or relieving the suffering of animals, health promotion or public benevolence etc.

We will assist with the selection of the structure that best meets the client’s needs, provides the required level of personal asset protection and, if needed, allows their organisation access to much needed grants, private funding or public donations for their good cause.

As part of our commitment to our community Pascoe Partners Accountants are also able to provide training and guidance to our client’s on how their chosen structure works, the roles and responsibilities that must be fulfilled, the laws and legislation that must be observed and can assist in the Charity Registration process and possibly assist in obtaining Deductible Gift Recipient status that will allow the organisation to receive donations that will provide access to a tax deduction for the donor.

Native Title Trusts

Aboriginal people across Australia are recognised as the traditional owners of land under Native Title Law. As a result, many are eligible to seek financial compensation for their communities.

The best vehicle for these agreements are charitable trusts called Native Title Trusts, which are tax free and designed specifically for Aboriginal claimant groups. Funds must be used to benefit Aboriginal communities in areas like health, education, poverty relief, transport, communication and the promotion of indigenous culture.

Pascoe Partners Accountants has been supporting claimant groups to manage their native title trusts for more than 10 years – so our experience can make a difference.

Our Native Title Trust team enables native title groups to:

  • Identify the objectives for their native title trust and provide support to achieve these.
  • Set up and administer native title trusts with care and precision.
  • Retain ownership of their financial assets.
  • Comply with all regulations to ensure their trusts maintain their tax-free status.
  • Build a brighter future for their community, and on their terms.

To find out more about Aboriginal Lands Trusts and Native Title Trusts, speak to one of our specialists on (08) 9322 3400 or fill in our contact form.

Private Ancillary Fund & Foundations

When you’ve decided to take on a philanthropic role, we can help create a private ancillary fund that will help you achieve your objectives.

The new generation of charitable foundation is called a Private Ancillary Fund (PAF). This is a tax-effective legal structure often used by families, individuals or companies to establish grant-making foundations.

A Private Ancillary Fund can only be used to donate money to charitable organisations. It is vital that all tax office guidelines are met in order to retain its favourable tax status.

Our Private Ancillary Fund team assists businesses and individuals to:

  • Identify the best way to structure and manage their Private Ancillary Fund.
  • Navigate the complex and ever-changing tax rules associated with Private Ancillary Funds.
  • Ensure that their Private Ancillary Fund is compliant with tax office guidelines at all times.

For independent professional advice about setting up a foundation or Private Ancillary Fund, speak to one of our specialists on (08) 9322 3400 or fill in our contact form.