Business Advisory

At Pascoe Partners Accountants, our Business Advisory Team are passionate about partnering with our SME business clients to help them improve operations, achieve greater profitability and, more importantly, build their wealth by providing strategic planning and business development services. Building wealth is about the choices that more money gives the business owner, such as better cash flow, less stress and ultimately the ability to spend more time with family and friends.

Whether you have a new or established business, let us set you on this exciting path by taking advantage of the services we have to offer.

  • Management Reporting & Analysis – annual financial reporting is compliance oriented and used primarily for external purposes to report on historic data that is, very often, many months out-of-date. Management Reporting & Analysis can delve deeper into the financial standing of a business and provide business owner with timely financial data in a format designed to meet the business needs and allows them to gain insight on specific key areas of the business to drive strategic decision making. To be most effective, Management Reporting & Analysis should be carried out monthly or, at least, quarterly in conjunction with a Financial Management & Strategy Meeting.
  • Financial Management & Strategy Meetings – The Business Advisory Team will meet with business owners, in a quiet place away from their business to minimize interruptions, to assess the findings of their monthly or quarterly Management Reporting & Analysis and evaluating the alignment of the business to its strategic goals. Strategic management helps a business owner stay focused on their goals, analyses opportunities for the business and allows for the implementation of plans for greater profitability. Strategic planning and management are equally essential for established businesses and new start-ups.
  • 3-Way Budget & Forecast – Every business owner needs to monitor its cash flow, understand its revenue and costs and be able to determine its financial position at all times. Those business owners striving for success will plan for the year ahead and forecast their future cash position and financial health by creating a 3-Way Budget (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement) that explains the future prospects of their business model. As the year progresses, successful business owners will not only track their progress to the Budget but will respond to the opportunities and challenges it is facing by creating in-year amended forecast to ensure they are able to continue on track to their business goals. Our Business Advisory Team can assist business owners by providing more accurate and robust budgets and forecasts to help client track their road to success.
  • Cash Flow Management – Good cash flow management is paramount to a business’ success as it maintains liquidity and contributes to a growing and thriving business. It can reduce a business owner’s reliance on external resources and avoid high interest. The ability to demonstrate good cash flow management to external resources puts the business in a stronger position to negotiate borrowing terms. Our Business Advisory Team can help can help solve a business owner’s cash flow concerns by analyzing cash flows to determine cash resources at any one time, project trends in cash inflow and outflow, and evaluate whether a shortfall or surplus in cash could potentially occur. As cash is critical, this should be managed throughout the year and not just in challenging times.
  • Financial Representation to Board of Directors (Virtual CFO) – Many small businesses do not have the resources to employ fulltime Chief Financial Officers but very often find themselves in need of their services and guidance, especially in providing strategic financial management advice to the board of directors or business owners. Our Business Advisory Team can provide the expertise that many small business owners are desperate to tap into in order to support our clients improve the profit and value of their business with personalised support where they need it most. They have spent years building and nurturing a network of highly professional contacts who are experts in areas such as Human Resources, Health & Safety, Bookkeeping, Legal Matters, Marketing, Finance, Insurance and much more to bring about business excellence.
  • Benchmarking & Analysis Reporting – Successful businesses will constantly benchmark themselves against their competition to evaluate various aspects of their business in relation to best practice business processes with the aim of meeting or beating those higher standards. Benchmarking helps business owners identify and understand their strengths and weaknesses, establishes new standards and goals whilst motivating them to reach those new targets. Our Business Advisory Team can create industry specific Benchmark & Analysis Reports with feedback from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australian Tax Office, where available, and includes Action Plans and Strategies relevant to the business owner to enable them to stay ahead of the game and produce strong operational performance.
  • Business Valuations – Whether our clients are looking to buy or sell a business or simply need to determine a Value Gap between what their business is worth today and what required in order to attain financial independence, our Business Advisory Team can prepare an Estimated Business Valuation to suit their needs and help them make informed decisions about their future, whilst providing insights into the opportunities for operational improvement. Even when a business owner is not yet ready to sell, by having an annual Estimated Business Valuation prepared, they can plan to create a lean, mean, well-oiled business machine to attract potential buyers at the right time and at the right price.
  • Grant Funding Search and Reporting – We have partnered with GrantGuru to bring our clients the most comprehensive grants database in Australia, with access to over 2,200 business and 450 community programs with approximately $130 Billion in funding available from Federal, State and Local Government Departments, as well as from private organisations. We are able to access all the grants information in one central location using a platform that intuitively allows us to determine the best opportunities for our clients and enables them to plan their grant strategy for the year ahead. Once we have created a client profile in our grant platform, we are able to monitor suitable programs as and when they become available and provide monthly grant report updates detailing the valuable opportunities available to them along with all relevant eligibility criteria. We can also assist in the grant writing process if required.

Business Structures

It’s important for every company to have the right business structures to enable the ability to create business wealth. By creating the right business structure, future activities can also be simplified. These include the sale of the business, the transfer of ownership or the securing of investment.

We work closely with clients to gain a clear sense of their personal and business objectives, including growth and exit strategies.

Our experienced team can help you to develop and implement a tailored business structure that not only maximises short-term profitability, but increases the value of your business over the long-term.

By creating the right business structure, our knowledgeable team help our clients by:

  • Maximising financial benefits through having income allocated into the right structure.
  • Transferring control of assets from one generation to the next, in an effective manner.
  • Linking to small business Capital Gains Tax concessions.
  • Protecting investment and business assets through appropriate structuring.
  • Maximising the control of your wealth with a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF).

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Our heart is in the country and we understand the exacting needs of rural business and primary production. We understand the labour issues, the climate challenges, the cycles and the seasons affecting primary producers.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the eligibility of agricultural related tax deductions and how to structure your finances to create a profitable business.

Many of our team members are from farming backgrounds and help our agribusiness clients with a specialist service that includes:

  • Developing tax-effective succession plans and self-managed superannuation arrangements.
  • Securing finance for business growth.
  • Managing cash flows and timing acquisitions according to seasonal cycles.
  • Understanding commodity marketing options and their implications on cash flow and agriculture taxation.
  • Taking advantage of industry-specific concession schemes and subsidies.
  • Coordinating banks, consultants, agents, brokers and suppliers.

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Business Succession Planning

We assist our clients by providing a professional and unbiased approach to business succession planning. The transfer of businesses, within a family can be affected by a number of challenges – different life stages, people living in different states or countries, and individuals with different priorities.

We believe that succession planning should be a priority for any family business. It’s also important to have a business succession plan in place to minimise the impact to your business if someone becomes incapacitated.

When it comes to business succession planning, we can help you to:

  • Identify your assets and the beneficiaries involved in your plan.
  • Understand the implications of changing ownership arrangements, consider whether the asset should be transferred sooner rather than later, and whether it should be governed by a will, a trust deed or a business succession agreement.
  • Make sure you have the professionals you need to execute your plans effectively, and for them to work on your behalf as part of a team.
  • Review your business succession planning regularly, or when circumstances or tax laws change.
  • Implement the business succession plan effectively to ensure the transfer process is as easy and smooth as possible.

If you’re looking at business succession planning for your business, speak to one of our specialists on (08) 9322 3400 or fill in our contact form.