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When you’ve decided to take on a philanthropic role, we can help create a private ancillary fund that will help you achieve your objectives.

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The new generation of charitable foundation is called a Private Ancillary Fund (PAF). This is a tax-effective legal structure often used by families, individuals or companies to establish grant-making foundations.

A Private Ancillary Fund can only be used to donate money to charitable organisations. It is vital that all tax office guidelines are met in order to retain its favourable tax status.

Our Private Ancillary Fund team assists businesses and individuals to:

  • Identify the best way to structure and manage their Private Ancillary Fund.
  • Navigate the complex and ever-changing tax rules associated with Private Ancillary Funds.
  • Ensure that their Private Ancillary Fund is compliant with tax office guidelines at all times.

For independent professional advice about setting up a foundation or Private Ancillary Fund, speak to one of our specialists on (08) 9322 3400 or fill in our contact form.