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Native Title Trusts

Aboriginal people across Australia are recognised as the traditional owners of land under Native Title Law. As a result, many are eligible to seek financial compensation for their communities.  The best vehicle for these agreements are charitable trusts called Native Title Trusts, which are tax free and designed specifically for Aboriginal claimant groups. Funds must be used to benefit Aboriginal communities in areas like health, education, poverty relief, transport, communication and the promotion of indigenous culture.

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Pascoe Partners Accountants has been supporting claimant groups to manage their native title trusts for more than 10 years – so our experience can make a difference.

Our Native Title Trust team enables native title groups to:

  • Identify the objectives for their native title trust and provide support to achieve these.
  • Set up and administer native title trusts with care and precision.
  • Retain ownership of their financial assets.
  • Comply with all regulations to ensure their trusts maintain their tax-free status.
  • Build a brighter future for their community, and on their terms.

To find out more about Aboriginal Lands Trusts and Native Title Trusts, speak to one of our specialists on (08) 9322 3400 or fill in our contact form.